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Our Story

Henley Graphics Staff

Every great rock band started out in a garage.

They begin with a dream and some creative ideas, with just a guitarist and a drummer banging out cover songs until all hours of the night. They fine-tune their craft, adding new instruments as they go. The band pays their dues by playing small local venues, hoping to eventually hit it big on the national stage.

And like every great band, Henley Graphics literally started out in a garage. In 1985, owner Larry Henley took his dreams and ideas and converted a small, one-car garage into an office. But instead of a guitar and drums, he added his wife as graphic designer/bookkeeper, and began selling business forms under the original band name of Henley Printing Services.

They provided forms and small print jobs to local businesses in the Loudonville area. Their playlist grew to include full-color brochures, publishing, and advertising services – all with the goal of providing top-notch graphic design. They cranked out hit after hit and expanded their customer base, first to Ashland, Mansfield, Wooster, Mount Vernon, and Millersburg – and then to all of Ohio and beyond.

Over the years they added new members to the band, and outgrew playing in the small garage. They moved into their current location and continually upgraded their equipment, allowing them to expand their skillset. They added website design services to their repertoire, which prompted them to change the name of their band to Henley Graphic Communications.

Today, Henley Graphics boasts a blend of sales, graphic design, web design, and customer service professionals. They are proud to take requests from customers big or small, both locally and across the country.

Henley Graphics has grown immensely from that garage band where they got their start so many years ago. Now the members of Henley Graphics are your rockstars!