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To achieve this Master Certification, the highest level of Constant Contact’s Solution Provider partner education, Tiffany Hardin of Henley Graphics has completed a rigorous curriculum with five levels of assessment. These assessments include a Constant Contact knowledge exam, proven customer satisfaction results, and an interview and consultation, among other significant measurements. This comprehensive program ensures that when a business chooses to work with a Master Certified Solution Provider, they are getting the services of an expert with proven results.

“When working with a Master Certified Solution Provider, small businesses can feel confident that they are receiving top-notch business assistance,” said Catherine Kniker, chief channel officer and vice president, international, Constant Contact. “By completing Master Certification, Tiffany Hardin of Henley Graphics has demonstrated advanced knowledge in online marketing best practices and a proven track record in delivering measurable results for their clients.”

PRICING (effective April 1, 2017):

List SizeEmailEmail Plus –  (Email, Social, Event & Survey)

6 months (10%) and 12 months (15%) pre-pay discounts are available. Non-profit? Enjoy 6 months (20%) and 12 months (30%) pre-pay discount. See our pricing calculator for more information.

Constant Contact Email Plus is your single source for marketing campaigns, including:

* Sending email newsletters and announcements
* Collecting online feedback
* Promoting and managing events online
* Running offers, promotions, and donation drives through email or social media

Email Plus also includes shared content and contact management that works across all of these campaigns with real-time reporting insights that let you see what worked and what didn’t. And it’s all in one place – with the convenience of one login.

If you currently have Email and are interested in moving over to an Email Plus account, please contact your Business Partner Specialist, Tiffany Hardin at Tiffany@Henley-Graphics.com or give her a call at 419-994-5488 and we will begin the process of moving the account over.

Please be aware that individual products (survey, Facebook promotion, etc.) may still be added to a stand alone Email account, but will be $50/product/use.

While this email mentions that templates are available, remember that Henley Graphics makes designing & creating campaigns from start to finish easy with Tiffany Hardin’s help. This leaves you with more time to do your work and leaving the art work to a professional.

Don’t have any of these great Constant Contact products? We invite you to sign up for our free trial today! Send as many campaigns as you want up to 10 contacts.



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