What is Vector Art (and why do I need it?)

If your business spends any money on advertising, you’ve probably had to submit your logo to a graphic designer for an ad, brochure, business card…(you get the idea). You dig through your PC and FINALLY find a copy of your logo, and you send it off proudly. THERE. DONE.

But not so fast.

We don’t expect the average business owner to know the difference between GIF, TIFF, JPEG, or EPS files. That’s why we’re here to help answer the common question, “What kind of logo file should I send you?”

Regardless of the application (web, print), web & graphic designers are going to want an EPS file. What is an EPS file? If you Google this, it’s probably not going to make any sense. So we’ll bring it down a notch. An EPS file is a vector file that can be enlarged to any size without compromising quality or resolution. In other words, it is a graphic designer’s dream file.

GIF, TIFF, JPEG, & PNG files are all going to be raster files, which means they aren’t going to look so great once enlarged. These file formats are best for web graphics or photos.

Above, the logo on the left was a JPG file. Our customer needed a vector (EPS) file to put on a billboard and the original logo could not be found. Henley Graphics to the rescue! The logo above on the right is the new vector logo, created using Adobe Illustrator. In that version, the logo has clean edges, and the pixelation is non-existent.

We can help your business, too! Logo creation can be quoted. Email Tiffany@Henley-Graphics.com today.