Sign Up Forms – Thinking Outside the Box

Embedding an email sign-up form on your website is a great start in building your email list, but are you maximizing your results? Sign-up forms are simply a means to stay in contact with your potential and current customers, with the end-goal being an increase in sales and establishing a better relationship with your clientele. And, if you are asking them to give up their email address, you should offer them something in return. This can be a WIN-WIN for both parties. Here are some ideas to get you started.


How about a 20% off coupon? By taking advantage of Constant Contact’s auto-responder campaigns, your customers will receive a coupon immediately after joining your email list. Everything is automated, so as a business owner, you can just sit back and watch your list grow and customers walk through your door. And, your customers will feel that they’ve received value for joining your list, too! Winning all around!


How about a downloadable PDF or video with industry know-how? If you are a retail business, it could be a PDF or video with tips on using your products. For example, “10 Ways to Wear Your Infinity Scarf”. Customers will find this information valuable and may be willing to exchange their email address for this exclusive content.


Sweepstakes can be cross-posted on your website & social media pages. The Community Coupon Magazine experienced a 980% increase in email subscribers in a 3-year period (from 165 to 1783!) by utilizing a quarterly giveaway. The giveaway should be large enough that people get excited about it, and can be either a giveaway from your business, or something else (an area attraction, local restaurant, gas card, overnight stay at a hotel or B&B). What’s better…by promoting the giveaway on social media, Community Coupon Magazine has also grown their Facebook followers by 524% in 3-years.

We hope that we’ve given you a few fresh ideas to grow your email list. Henley Graphics is here and ready to discuss how we can help your business! For more information on email marketing, call 419-994-5488 (ask for Tiffany), or visit