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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – What does it mean?

What it means to Henley Graphics is a well thought out strategy to get your website ranked in the major search engines under the key words and phrases that will bring customers to your site. SEO should be part of any website strategy for your business.

Everyone has received emails or calls guaranteeing their website #1 in Search Engine Rankings. This is a fairytale. Most of these types of offers blitz the Internet in ways that will actually harm your rankings and may even get your website blacklisted in the major search engines.

Current Statistics show over 65% of searchers make their selections on the first page of search results.

All of our SEO strategies are specific to our client’s needs and website. It begins with a website audit based on the clients targeted audience and goals. We will then present core SEO improvement suggestions to the site and our strategy for better rankings.

Do you have a mobile friendly site?
SEO strategies that do not include your mobile site may greatly impact your rankings.