Digital Advertising Conference Wrap Up

Raphael Wightman and Tiffany Hardin
Raphael Wightman & Tiffany Hardin outside the Greater Cleveland Aquarium where they attended the Ohio Travel Association conference on Digital Advertising.

On Tuesday, July 18, 2017, Tiffany Hardin and Raphael Wightman attended the Ohio Travel Association conference in Cleveland on Digital Advertising. Both employees bring special services to the table and wished to expand their knowledge on Digital Advertising as a whole, to better benefit Henley Graphics’ customers. Tiffany specializes in email marketing and social media management. Raphael specializes in search engine optimization (SEO) and website design.

Topics discussed at the conference were:

  • Email marketing
  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Social Media & Content Marketing

Did you know?
People in 2018 are estimated to spend 6+ hours per DAY in the digital world. This includes radio, TV & video, social networks). With us knowing this information, it becomes more and more crucial to make sure that your business is covering its touch points.

How much is the average business spending on digital advertising?
31% of all marketing budgets are spent on digital advertising

Objective: “Viral Marketing”
Our goal for social media is “viral marketing”. That means we want to focus our efforts specifically geared for channels that your customers are on. For example, your audience on SnapChat would be a different audience than Facebook (probably younger, not looking for the same information). You should cater your posts to your audience’s wants/needs. By being aware of your audience and posting relevant, timely content, you will engage your customers in the best way possible. The more we engage our audience, the more “viral” it will become, extending our organic, unpaid reach as much as possible.

Do you REALLY need to be in every social media network?
One of the best pieces of advice from the conference was this…“Do just a few things and do them well!” Focus on social sites that contain an audience that is closest to your ideal customer. And spend time planning posts with a social media calendar. Make sure that your branding and tone is consistent. The last thing you want to do is confuse people about the source of the content. A good example of bad branding would be using a meme that someone else has created that contains their logo/website. NOT a good idea. Spend some extra time and create something unique. It will be worth the extra effort and you will build up trust with your fans.

Make sure you design everything (website, email, social content) for mobile devices
90-95% of all digital marketing is being seen on mobile devices. We need to be sure that no matter what we are promoting, it is going to look good on all platforms (desktop, table and phone). With the average attention span being only 6 seconds, it won’t take long for customers to leave if they are having trouble seeing your message (or it takes too long to load).

Research hashtags
Find out what your competition is doing, and try to mirror some hashtags that are also relevant to your business.

Is video where it’s at?
Yes, and no. Video is very popular today and it allows you to share an experience that is very different than a photo or text. As stated above, the average attention span online is 6 seconds. It would be best to break a large video into small, 6 second videos or stories. And it would give customers a reason to check back with you.


Henley Graphics would be happy to discuss social media management, email marketing and website design and SEO with you. Please give us a call at 419-994-5488 or email .