Are you ready for Google’s Mobilegeddon?



You may have heard that on April 21, 2015, Google is changing the way it ranks mobile websites. The Internet has already dubbed this change “Mobilegeddon”, even though Google has not released much information about its new mobile algorithm i.e. their formula to rank mobile web sites.

What we do know is that Google will be able to render a mobile web site and rank it according to how well the mobile friendliness is because it can see what the page would look like on various phones and tablets.

If you do not have a mobile web site then Google would see that and rate it as mobile unfriendly. This is what has everyone worried. Experts are guessing this could affect mobile rankings up to 70% while more moderate guesses are as high as 40%.

Last year Henley Graphics switched to a “Responsive” website design model. We saw our own clients’ sites being viewed as high as 30%-50% with mobile devices. Any website we build now is automatically mobile ready. Our responsive websites are readable and user-friendly on phones, tablets or desktops. The website content is consistent as well across all devices, a very important factor in overall Search Engine visibility.

Responsive website design is also Google’s recommended format. If you have a responsive website then it will be in the most favorable position for Mobilegeddon. Companies with separate mobile sites will be more affected but way ahead of businesses not having any kind of mobile experience on their site. They could be buried in the mobile rankings under bad sites with a better mobile experience.

Written by Raphael Wightman, Website Developer